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How it began: In 2012 I decided to put my reputation on the line to prove the idea that "I've tried everything" usually means you've tried the wrong things or believed the media hype of how to go about making physical transformations. I contacted a sport & fitness magazine with the idea of a competition where I would take someone who had tried and failed numerous times to make the physical changes they were looking for and not only make those changes but get them in such good condition that they would be an acceptable cover model for the magazine.

We had a flurry of entries and based on their back stories (who wanted it the most) we narrowed the choice down to 6 people who, over the course of the training, became 3.

4 months later the magazine was issued with Barbara on the cover. But the other 2 candidates, Kirsty & Rhea, had done so well the editor included them in the magazine too.

How this affects you: Having spent almost 3 years trying to work out how to provide this service to the public without breaking the bank, the result of that work is now here! Not only have we improved the service from that original incarnation, but now you are completely in control of what the service will entail. You select the training goals, you select the training times, you select the training frequency & you determine what other services you feel should be included. Then, once you have your perfect scenario created, you set the price you are willing to pay for it. No you didn't misread that - You set the price! So now you know this is something you can afford because you set the budget. 

How the service has improved: Back when we did the competition the candidates had only 2 things in common. Their training goals were the same (become cover model ready) and their background was similar (they had all tried and failed in the past). However, other than that they had little in common. With this service we will only group like with like and the goals can be almost anything. Want to get stronger, faster, leaner, bigger? The choice is yours. And anyone who joins your group must be of the same training level (beginner, intermediate, advanced etc). Also, we have added additional services & team members that weren't available before, such as a permanent Sports Therapist, along with a range of other complimentary services that can be plugged in if appropriate (such as child care scenarios).

So, while the original competition achieved amazing results, with such improvements we can guarantee that, with the same level of effort, your results with be even better.

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