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Our Nutrition Plan has been proven to create dramatic improvements in hormonal response and therefore your body’s ability to optimally burn fat or build muscle (depending on your approach). Although this plan is not, in itself, intended as a fat or weight loss plan, many of those who’s primary goal was fat loss dropped between 8 and 12lbs safely and effectively over the 4 weeks.

We are continually asked about the 'best' diet for specific goals

In truth there is no right answer to that and there is certainly no one size fits all solution. However, over years of working with clients and researching nutritional protocols and scientific papers, there are a number of themes that tend to work for most people. The ideal solution is generally to take someone's existing diet and manipulate it to generate improvements one piece at a time. However, in a world where quick results are king, we wanted to produce something that people can get their teeth into quickly, see fast (though not ridiculously so) results but more than that, would set anyone following the plan up for improved results going forward. To that end, we have created Dynamic Cleanse and Sustenance as our gift to you.



A diet that keeps your body alert and ready to act...

...while ridding your body of unwanted fats and minerals...


...and giving your body the nutrition it needs!

Four weeks complete! So what are the benefits? For me, big difference in energy levels, still tired when busy but not sluggish at all! I know this isn't about weighing yourself and that's not the best way to measure loss, but I have shifted ten pounds and that ties in with feeling clothes that were way too tight beginning to fit comfortable. Hair and skin defo feel better for it! I don't see this as the end of the journey at all, I'm gonna stick with the principles and up my game at the gym. Bring realistic, I'm easing off a wee bit today, but I'm stocked up in fruit and vegetables and proteins to keep going! The benefits are too good to throw away!

I have completed my 4 week detox and thinking my body hadn't changed much i retook my measurements........and have lost a total of 7.2 inches!

I hadn't been weighed since the start of May but until the beginning of the detox i suspect i had probably put on some weight, which means if the scales in Boots are accurate (which i'm not entirely sure about as my height has been different every time) then i have lost at least 7lbs and 3.6% body fat.

On top of these losses, i think perhaps the biggest achievement for me was discovering that i can actually stick to something and am capable of going more than 1 day without chocolate/biscuits etc. I am finding it hard to believe that this is me! I still have quite a long way to go but am managing to stay motivated and am, surprisingly, not going to go straight back to my old ways. I will still incorporate a lot of the detox ideas into my diet and now feel able to monitor and make positive choices for my diet and exercise.

Lindsey Millensby

Today, I went to Gap to get new jeans. I tried on my usual size - a 28 - and they felt a bit big. I asked for the 26, heavily doubting that I'd fit into them.

I did. It has been seven years since I fit into a 26.


So I'm a week in to the 4 week programme and after 2 days of splitting headaches I feel amazing! I've eaten loads and beginning to understand my eating patterns and how it affects my day, now I'm not snacking on chocolate or other sugary stuff my moods are consistent and my focus is back - oh and I'm seeing changes in my body already along with the training I'm doing- soooo excited to see the changes over the coming weeks : )

Anne Millar

Leigh Craig

Karen Tiffney

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